Despite the proven quality of plumbing equipment and lots of innovations in this area, plumbing failures still appear from time to time. So, plumbing services are always relevant. Frequently, owners are trying to install or fix the plumbing themselves believing that they will save money and make everything safer. But you must agree, everyone should do his own business because all types of work require special knowledge and skills. If you don't cope with a simple breakdown you'll just add work to the master. Therefore, it is better to immediately refer to an expert, a decent experienced plumber who saves your time, nerves and money than to do the plumbing work themselves. Today, various plumbing companies offer to perform plumbing. Take advantage of Green Technology of North America Company plumbing services which monitors its reputation and selects only qualified staff. We have been working on the market for plumbing services for years, and during this time have been able to assemble a team of real experts who love their job. Our managers carefully monitor that the client would be satisfied with our plumbing work done after each completed order. Control over the quality of the work of the masters allowed us to reach a level of more than 98% positive feedback.

The competence of the plumber includes:

- Elimination and preventing of blockages in pipes and sewage;

- All sanitary products installation (floor and wall-mounted sinks, bathtubs, Jacuzzi, bidet systems, toilet bowls, shower cabins, washing, and dishwashers);

- Pumping stations installation and connection, etc.

Our services are available both for residents of houses and apartments, as well as for legal entities who need plumbing work in offices, warehouses and industrial premises. Green Technology of North America Company makes good use of plumbing!

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