Since you have visited our website, it means that you were looking for someone who will help you with the installation, repair or maintenance of your electrical equipment whatever the equipment is located either indoor or outdoor. We will help you to find and fix faults in the installed equipment as well as to mount the new one. In this case, our experience will help you save costs without wasting money on an unnecessary purchase. We will lay wiring/cabling, install electrical sockets, electrical shield in the apartment, house, and cottage or in the country house. We'll find and fix problems in the existing power grids. We can install a substation, conduct acceptance tests and offer after-sales service of the newly installed electrical equipment. We'll sign with your existing electrical installations. It has long been proven that it is possible to extend the service life of electric equipment by two or more times by carrying out diagnostics and timely maintenance. We mean money that is, your savings which can be directed to the development of your other business. The undeniable benefits of Green Technology of North America Company include:

- Electrical installation;

- Measuring and testing of electrical devices;

- Repair of electrical equipment;

-  Installation, repair, and modernization of power grids.

This is the smallest part of the world of electric services in which we can assist you!!!

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