Led Light

Green Technology of North America Company installs the LED Light with maximum comfort for you without disrupting the working or leisure process at all!

We offer a range of services for the installation of LED Light equipment! Modernization services for home, office or outdoor light imply the replacement of fluorescent lamps with modern LED Light.

Over the course of several years of successful operation, LED Light has proven to be the ideal solution for high-quality lighting of any space. LED Light forms a high-quality luminous flux directed downwards. At installation of such lamps flickering is significantly reduced: the pulsation of a light stream in LED devices makes less than 1%. LED Light (LED lamps) has quite a few important features:

- Excellent environmental performance, namely they do not contain mercury, and are easily recyclable;

- High resistance to mechanical damage, thanks to a durable case that is made of aluminum or unbreakable plastic;

- Power saving mode for lighting;

- Luminous flux maximizing without increasing the load on the supply line and switch;

- Personal activity improvement associated with comfortable rest and work conditions; 

- Extremely easy to use and do not require special skills or special devices to connect them to the network.

Green Technology of North America Company installs LED Light in the following areas:

- Architectural LED lighting

- Underwater LED lighting

- Industrial LED lighting

- Landscape LED Lighting

- Road LED lighting

- Public LED lighting

- Sports LED lighting

- Interior LED lighting

Timely installation of LED Light allowed for a year or two to recoup the costs of modernization providing constant and real savings.

Green Technology of North America Company recommends this replacement as a vital and rational solution.

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