Welcome to Green Technology of North America!

We are a reputed construction and installation company with a great experience, engaging in the design and installation of internal engineering works and the complete construction of houses. Green Technology of North America operates in the following areas:

  • HVAC systems installation;
  • Installation of LED Light equipment;
  • Installation, repair or maintenance of the electrical equipment;
  • Plumbing works of all types of complexity;
  • Complete Construction of the houses, cottages, shopping, and office centers, turnkey projects, the architectural design of any complexity, taking into account all the wishes of the customer, design of interior and its decor.

For the best convenience, our experts have developed a kind of "package offers" of services, well-designed projects, often performed with certain requests. We assure you that we maintain a high complement of highly skilled professionals. Experienced engineering staff avoids failures in the performance of work. The material and technical base of the company also allows you to implement the tasks and goals of any complexity and scale. You can find on our website with partner database, customer reviews, available services, prices for them, and the management team of the company as well as the photo gallery of completed objects at any time.

We will take care of your needs in the above services and reward you for staying with us!

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